Re: [dev] [st] problems with terminfo entries and zsh

From: Martti Kühne <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 13:17:18 +0100

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:21 PM, <> wrote:
> Hi,
> i use st (latest git) with the zsh and the oh-my-zsh configuration[1]. After this recent commit[2] to oh-my-zsh, several things aren't working. I only remember that the first entry worked before, but here is an overview of all things currently broken:
> going to the beginning of the line with HOME:
> -bindkey "^[[H" beginning-of-line
> -bindkey "^[[1~" beginning-of-line
> -bindkey "^[OH" beginning-of-line
> +bindkey "${terminfo[khome]}" beginning-of-line # [Home] - Go to beginning of line
> deleting with DEL (not sure if this worked properly before):
> -bindkey "^[[3~" delete-char
> -bindkey "^[3;5~" delete-char
> -bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char
> +bindkey "${terminfo[kdch1]}" delete-char # [Delete] - delete forward
> This one i think i never used, but now i get a warning message when i load the zsh:
> -bindkey '^[[Z' reverse-menu-complete
> +bindkey "${terminfo[kcbt]}" reverse-menu-complete # [Shift-Tab] - move through the completion menu backwards
> warning: ~/.oh-my-zsh/lib/key-bindings.zsh:bindkey:37: cannot bind to an empty key sequence

Although I couldn't exactly verify what the ${terminfo[_AT_]} array is,
I'm going to assume it is a zsh builtin interface to the terminfo
database, as some sources seem to suggest.
looking at [0] line 142 sets khome=\E[1~, line 27 sets dch1=\E[P, as
well as line 57 that sets kcbt=\E[Z...

Personally I do have issues with NumLk/PgUp/F1-F12 keys in my latest
st builds, of which I'm not sure how recent they are. I didn't look
deeper into the issue though, as I can work around things everywhere.
I find it amazing that st doesn't seem to be able to get them right,
which IMHO includes them being broken the way the commonly used
abstractions expect them to be. And yes I know I'm being totally
inconsiderate and lazy right here.


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