Re: [dev] [proposal] Suckless Tox-Client as a Skype replacement

From: Dmitrij D. Czarkoff <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 03:30:32 +0100

FRIGN said:
> Well I looked into SIP a few months ago and couldn't become a fan of
> it.

Can you please go in more detail about SIP? I looked into it some time
ago, and (apart from several ugly XML-based extensions) it seemed fine.

I actually use baresip[0] – a small command line client with audio and
video support. Although it lacks several features I would like to see,
it is quite usable,

> 2) ncurses needs to be discussed. A design like we have with ii would
> be very creative, but (imho) not very pleasant in everyday life with
> a proper secondary interface on top of it.

Actually I would choose ii-like interface over curses-based UI. One may
implement latter on top of former, but not vice versa.

> It's different, because it's decentralized. You don't need to
> "register", as it's building on top of a DHT-P2P-network and you just
> have a hash-key you give to your friends and they can directly add you.
> This strong benefit is imho one of the key advantages over centralized
> systems like those based on XMPP (Pidgin being a client).

Actually, this is a good argument for choosing Tox over SIP.
Unfortunately, appears to be unreachable, so I can't
comment on protocol itself yet.


Dmitrij D. Czarkoff
Received on Mon Mar 24 2014 - 03:30:32 CET

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