Re: [dev] [proposal] Suckless Tox-Client as a Skype replacement

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 11:38:52 +0100

XMPP starts with X, so it sucks, and SIP also has it's complexities if
you want...

I'm sceptical about Tor's latency, I'd generally look for direct P2P
connections for the voice stream without any third server in the

Do you know of any skype-competition that correctly implements 2-way
UDP hole-punching? SIP+STUN doesn't seem to fix the problem for me and
other extensions to make it work better (like ICE) weren't supported
by the implementations I tried. I don't even know what they do and
gave up on that topic long time ago.

I would still want the application to fall back to using a proxy if
all hole-punching attempts failed. And what sadly is not obvious to
the implementers: I would want the applications to DETECT that it
failed, i.e. when there's no rtp packet for a second you send out some
standard SIP event: INFO fuck-why-can't-you-say-something and then
retry with proper rtp.

Also don't forget ossrecord | nc, and ossplay for the other direction.
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