Re: [dev] [proposal] Suckless Tox-Client as a Skype replacement

From: <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 12:36:36 +0100

* Nick 2014-03-24 00:01
> Indeed I'm using Jitsi at the moment, despite the fact that it's in
> Java and has an interface that you'd expect for that. But it works,
> and is quite secure over the wire, and that counts for a great deal.

Same here. I managed to force the parties I have video chat on regular
basis with to use jitsi. For common use cases it works fine. Behind
company firewalls, still there is way to go: I didn't manage to get STUN
work, and eventually gave up.

Another annoying thing is the interface for which one need to be married
to the mouse.

Jitsi seems to get the security right -- you don't need tons of quirks
to make it work, it's just built in and is default, and one gets
reasonable feedback what goes wrong, how trustworthy the connection is,

In general, the XMPP + SIP solution makes sense to me. And since XMPP
will be around for some time, I guess, it does not require people to get
yet another account, i.e. it has the potential to be easily adopted

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