[dev] Re: [ANNOUNCE] req 1.0 - a gawk und dmenu powered plumberlike

From: Robert Figura <nc-figuraro_AT_netcologne.de>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 13:57:32 +0200

On Fri, 9 May 2014 13:51:48 +0200
"Roberto E. Vargas Caballero" <k0ga_AT_shike2.com> wrote:
> > It seems to me, even the creators of awk are endorsing gawk over other
> > implementations. The smell is there, maybe posix awk is dead?
> I don't think so. Take a look to 'http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~bwk/btl.mirror/index.html', the place where you can download The One True Awk of Kernighan,
> whose last version is less of two year ago.

Yes, and it says "use at your own risk". Possibly because that update
only fixed compilation problems on current platforms.

> > Gawk on the other hand is under active development.
> Maybe you could say it is under continue blow proccess.

Sorry for your cluelessness experience. Read more, talk less.

Kind Regards
  - Robert Figura
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