Re: [dev] Anyone interested in C "blogging platform"?

From: Dimitris Zervas <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 01:50:10 +0300

>You may be interested in fugitive[0], blog
>software using Git hooks.
I'll check it, but the whole local install concept
is a little strange for me. But I'll have to
get a better look.

>where can I get smu-smu?

>I personally use a mix of [0] and [1].
>Investigate at your own risk.
Is there anything funny in the code? :p
Why "at my own risk"? Looks suspicious..

>This would potentially means lots of
>vacuous commits just test out and
>debug a site---just to ensure everything's
>actually working
During the setup, yes. But that's normal.
After the setup, you just compile smu and roll your own static html. You can even have a dummy (or a full) bpp to see how the whole thing looks.

>mustache[3] is essentially this same
>idea. What about a pure C mustache
>implementation? Or perhaps just using
>their execution of the idea for some
>inspiration yourself.
I'll check it for sure and yes, I work with pure C and I love it (not experienced at all though...).
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