Re: [dev] reboot, arrow in the knee because of the GNU GPL???

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 17:05:56 +0200

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 11:35:39PM -0600, Anthony J. Bentley wrote:
> Sylvain BERTRAND writes:
> > On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 09:32:33PM -0600, Anthony J. Bentley wrote:
> > > Sylvain BERTRAND writes:
> > >> I firmely disagree with you on this: the event of somebody hurt
> > >> by the GNU GPL with real life facts is of highest importance for
> > >> all open source coders. And communication would have been
> > >> an enrichment for the suckless community.
> > >> The thread will die because I think those facts do not exist.
> > >
> > > You have already been provided with the classical case, which you immediate
> > ly
> > > dismissed as "biased", no reason given. Other real-world examples, like the
> > > gratuitous incompatibility of different GPL versions as in LibreDWG or Samb
> > a,
> > > have been brought up on this list in previous discussions.
> >
> > I heard about GNU GPL version wars, was only aware of the benign
> > Linus T. one.
> >
> > Let me laught:
> > Do you really think a GNU GPL version war can reasonnably
> > compensate the defect of code closing from MIT/BSD-like licenses.
> Yes.

Then, this is a weakness. I don't belong to the people with that

But I do understand than the GNU GPL bashers will use those cases
to leverage that weakness in others about plain GNU GPL
versioning. I can from now warn open source devs about it, to
help them build resolve against those people (usually the same
type of hypocrites I was talking about in my previous message)
who *will* leverage this fear.

I have to thank you because I don't how that matter has been
eluding me for so long. You are the first person to reveal to me
clear cut issues with plain GNU GPL versions (*lesser* versions
are fine). Well, there is the Linus T. thingy with the GNU GPLv3
but it's totally benign.

Basically in the end, my GNU GPLv3 only driver module for linux *is*
illegal. I have to admit it now since I got *finally* clear cut
infos on that matter, and not vague and mere suggestions, like
people feared I get interested in the subjet and build a defense
against it... which now is built.
I'll have to re-license my driver module to using the the linux
GNU GPLv2. I'm not a moron like AMD catalyst devs or NVIDIA devs
who do quite worse.

When provided with the right and accurate information that
clearly shows me something I did wrong, I clean my mess... if
that information reached me early enough.

That said, I was asked off-list to shutdown all my threads. If you
want to know who and why, please ask me off-list.


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