Re: [dev] Why do you use tmux/screen?

From: Bigby James <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 20:06:29 -0500

On 07/01, Dimitris Zervas wrote:
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> Hello,
> After a year or so in the list, I think each and every one is using tmux or screen (I think more tmux, but do not start a war please, that's not the subject).
> Why is that? For the tabs?
> Why not use tabbed? or DWM's mono-view (how is it called when you see only 1 window?)?

Because tmux is awesome. One reason among several: Session detachment.

> Apart from that, if it is really useful, how does it work? I searched a bit the web and I only found some keybindings, but not how the thing works.

There's no way you've spent time looking for information on tmux and not come
across how it works or why people use it, since half the blog posts/wiki
entries/whatever about tmux cover precisely those two things. In any case, if
you have some keybindings you have enough knowledge to try it and see for

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