Re: [dev] Why do you use tmux/screen?

From: Anthony J. Bentley <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2014 19:56:30 -0600

Dimitris Zervas writes:
> Hello,
> After a year or so in the list, I think each and every one is using tmux or
> screen (I think more tmux, but do not start a war please, that's not the
> subject).
> Why is that?

I use tmux with ii for IRC. I was tired of always confusing the irssi and
tmux keybindings, so I removed irssi from the equation. One window per
channel, with one pane running tail -f and the other redirecting text to
stdin. Now I only have one set of keybindings to memorize.

Anthony J. Bentley
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