Re: [dev] [sandy][patch] f_syntax: set regexec nmatch to 0

From: Dimitris Zervas <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 19:33:11 +0300

On July 18, 2014 2:00:41 PM EEST, Hiltjo Posthuma <> wrote:
>Attached is a patch that fixes a crash with musl.
>Commit message:
>"f_syntax: set regexec nmatch to 0.
>this is correct according to POSIX with REG_NOSUB, but it doesn't make
>much sense to set to > 0 when pmatch is NULL and will crash on musl"
>I reported this to the musl project and a fix is commited:
>Kind regards,
Thank you for your contribution.
I also wanted to test sandy with musl...

Currently, I am in the middle of fixing the verb multi-commands and I can't apply the patch.
I'll apply it as soon as possible.

We (rafael & me) have no access to the sl repo, so we'll apply the patch at bitbucket:
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