Re: [dev] st patches and clipboard issues

From: Philip Rushik <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 23:26:05 -0500

> You can do some testing with xclip[0] which allows you to manipulate
> the clipboard and also see requests made to xclip from X to see
> what's going on. If run with the -quiet flag it will stay in the
> foreground and notify you of every request it gets. That way you can
> see if the clipboard sharing program is passing on the requests to the x
> client that currently has the selection.

I have xclip installed, but the -quiet flag doesn't seem to work as
you say it should.

> Or just attach a debugger to st and see what's different between the
> first requests that work and the second ones that don't. That might be
> even easier.

Yeah, but its something that would be tough to do during work. I'll
see what I can do though.

> st with scrollback:

Ok, I figured it already existed. I bother with the patch then.
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