Re: [dev] [sbase] [PATCH] Rewrite tr(1) in a sane way

From: FRIGN <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 00:08:49 +0100

On Fri, 09 Jan 2015 17:55:04 -0500 wrote:

> POSIX doesn't require people to write it, it just requires that it
> works. POSIX has no problem with also allowing a literally typed
> multibyte character to refer to itself. It's basically saying that if
> someone _does_ write '\303\266o' 'o\303\266', you have to treat it the
> same as o o, and not as the individual bytes.

This is madness. If you want the bytes to be collated, you just write the
literal \50102. POSIX often is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist
in the first place when you just use UTF-8.

> They have nothing to do with UTF-8.

That's exactly the point. Collating elements are depending on the current
locale which is too much of a mess to deal with.
So when the Spanish "ll" collates before "m" and after "l" in a given
locale, we don't give a fuck.
So please give me the point why you are torturing me with this information.
I stated that I did not implement collating elements into this tr(1) at
the beginning and that it's a POSIX-nightmare to do so, bringing harm
to anybody who is interested in a consistent, usable tool.



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