[dev] [surf] http auth in webkit 2.4.7

From: Markus Teich <markus.teich_AT_stusta.mhn.de>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 16:51:56 +0100


after I updated webkit to the 2.4.7-r200 version (from default gentoo
repository), I have a problem with http authentication. After authenticating
only the first pageload works. Every refresh or navigation to another url
protected by the same http authentication mechanism results in webkit throwing a
nice little „URL cannot be shown“ error page at me. Can someone confirm this bug
and help me fix it? I already noticed, that webkit now has an interface for
authentications, which could maybe even support client-side certificates for TLS
handshakes. However this interface is not used by surf and the documentation is
too bad for me to understand how it should be used.

If nobody can confirm this bug right away, I'll setup a sample page which fails
for me.

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