Re: [dev] Found a bug in surf

From: <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 21:56:20 +0100

* Vampyrah Broadcasting 2015-01-21 20:35
> I tried xclip -o -selection primary and that worked

I'm not an expert, but there are these primary and secondary selection, the
clipboard and a bunch of other buffers. They differ in how the content is
requested and exchanged and who owns the content afaik.

. . .

in your case the other client doesn't use the primary selection. one option is
to teach it to do so.

. . .

I bet your other client uses the clipboard (as you could do with xclip -o
-selection clipboard). this means you have the option to bring surf to put the
selected text to clipboard or to both primary and clipboard. Look for the
clipboard() function in surf.c and there should be a code snippet like:

                                c->linkhover ? c->linkhover : geturi(c), -1); k

add this just after it:

                                c->linkhover ? c->linkhover : geturi(c), -1);

This is untested, but has fair chance to work.

. . .

the third option: copy between primary and clipboard as you like.
        xclip -o -selection primary | xclip -i -selection clipboard
        xclip -o -selection clipboard | xclip -i -selection primary

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