Re: [dev] [website] [proposal] Add suckless logo and minor style change

From: FRIGN <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 14:54:11 +0100

Hello fellow hackers,

thanks for the great feedback on my proposal! Check out
the result at I worked on the template today
and included your thoughts into the points I gave yesterday:

> 0) Adding the logo[0]

Hand-written SVG, 302 Bytes.

Markus Teich proposed to design it in the style of surf.
I actually worked on a logo like this[1] (sl), which looks
like a greek omega, but upon further examination, it is hard
to read.

Troy Sankey proposed to increase the margin between the logo
and the heading or place the logo on the right side.
Regarding the latter, it's not trivial to do without more
complex float-magic in CSS, which would have made things more
complicated than desired (Also in regard to the semantics).
Regarding the former, having equal distances between
logo and subheader, the hierachy between logo, heading and
subheading gets slightly lost.

It's a matter of impression, but I don't read ""
or similar, but this point is not set in stone.
Please everyone, share you opinion on that in a response how
we should handle this margin.

> 1) Give the heading "" a blue color

Sébastien Poher rightfully noted that the font is slightly
bigger than the logo. I increased the fontsize a bit, so
now the logo and font should be on one baseline.

> 2) Make the subheading a bit darker

Also compliant with WCAG 2 now.

> 3) Remove the text-shadow and italics in the header

Thinking about it again, I agree with Sébastien Poher and
left the italics in the header, giving a more dynamic look.

> 4) Remove italics from active links

This also removes the "shift" of menu-items while browsing
the page.

> 5) Give headings in the content a slightly lighter black

I made it just a bit less light than initially proposed.
Looks even better now and the contrast both in lightness
and color is given according to WCAG 2.

I hope you like it and looking forward to your responses.




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