Re: [dev] making releases

From: Nick <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 18:28:45 +0100

Quoth Dimitris Papastamos:
> Use upstream dmenu, port the patches if they do not already work and
> submit them to the wiki.
> Packaging suckless software is useless.

I know several people here (who do more good work than me) think
that, but I disagree. I like not upgrading my software particularly
often if it doesn't have any bugs I care about in it, so I find it
easier to have some releases every so often, when I think "oh, I'll
upgrade that now," and spend a few minutes reading through the git
log and updating my config.h /

Arguably that's my problem, rather than something that should be
fixed by adding the occasional vX.X tag, but still...
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