[dev] [dwm] Crash when setting window title to a single emoji

From: Markus Unterwaditzer <markus_AT_unterwaditzer.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 19:56:56 +0200


I'm getting crashes with a particular emoji in the window title. Enter the
following in st/termite/xterm/urxvt (without tmux inbetween):

    PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\x1b]0;\xe2\x9b\x93b\x07"'

dwm's output:

    dwm: fatal error: request code=140, error code=16
    X Error of failed request: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)
      Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RENDER)
      Minor opcode of failed request: 20 (RenderAddGlyphs)
      Serial number of failed request: 4319
      Current serial number in output stream: 4331

System info:

- I'm using dwm from commit 14343e6, but can reproduce with latest master as
  well. The configuration doesn't seem to matter at all. I can reproduce this
  with any font for the titlebar (I've tried Droid Sans, Terminus, Source Code

- My operating system is ArchLinux, the xorg-server package is at 1.15.2-1. But
  again, this has been happening for quite a while now, there have been a few
  Xorg upgrades inbetween.

Originally I've experienced this issue when opening the following URL in
Firefox or Chromium: https://github.com/RustFestEU/conf-2016/issues/2 That page
has a <title> tag with that emoji, which then lands in the window title as

This is my first attempt at debugging anything Xorg-related, not sure what else
could be important.


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