[dev] [stali] Need musl based toolchain on stali installation

From: Bruno Vetter <simplelife2010_AT_outlook.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 18:30:06 +0000

Hi all,

I would like to experiment with stali and install built-from-source applications on top of the base installation. For this I need a musl based toolchain not for cross-compiling, but as part of my stali system. Can someone give me some hints on how to achieve this?

My experience so far:
I have used the musl toolchain from the “build stali from source” description on my host system but I don't understand if this can be used as a “native” toolchain by copying it onto my stali system.

I also tried to build the toolchain from source (musl-cross-make) setting the “NATIVE” flag - which is not actually described in the stali doc. This ended in some “header file not found” issue that I am still sorting out.

Any help appreciated
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