Re: [dev] mailto: and customi URIs in surf?

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 23:49:18 +0100

> Hello,
Hi Jean,

> Surf is excellent browser. I would like it to open mailto: URIs, at
> least that there is solution that I configure it to give it a handler
> to parse the mailto.
If you had taken a loot at the config.h (and/or surf.c), you'd have
seen there's a “PLUMB(URI)” macro wich lets you open non http(s) scheme
with whatever you want (it's set to xdg-open by default but of course
can be changed).

> Same would be for other URIs, that it is configurable, similarly how
> it may be configured in xombrero browser:
> custom_uri = mailto,mailto.scm
> custom_uri = muttview,
> Then mailto.scm parses:
> and opens whatever program user wishes.
> and would open special view of mutt, showing all email
> addresses belonging to user, like
That's what your plumb program would do, yes.

> Users shall have option to add custom URIs by choice, it need not be
> hard coded. Then I can send quickly SMS, or call people, by clicking
> on links.
> Jean

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