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Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2017 11:31:13 +0000


I have to thank you. Yes, I have to.

You are the genius who did save us all: you found *THE* way to keep going with
corporate/developer lock-in in an open source world. Bill is jealous, he told
me: "wow, this guy showed me that we can be nasty even with open source code
and keep control on the code, don't need code secrecy anymore, hurray!"

The disguting bloat/kludge way to scare any potential competing devs away...
wonderfull... and for lambda developers you even appear as a coding god! So

But you did not got far enough, coze some are beating you now: they use c++ and
java. Look: harfbuzz, webkit/blink, gecko, llvm, android. Even your friends at
gcc steering commity decided to go the c++ way and turn gcc in a massive
object-oriented brain fuckage (they want to beat and do worse than llvm).

Again, the world thanks you for your amazing work. And you are right:
nobody should complain, it's free!

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