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From: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 17:34:24 +0200

On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 01:58:41PM +0000, wrote:
> one of the most widely reported sources of suck are the autotools that gives
> you the (in)ability to compile programs from source. ./configure, automake,
> autoconf, autoreconf, m4, intltool, libtoolize, etc.
> the best practice used in suckless projects is generally to have a main
> makefile that imports a that allows for customization. Still
> people created tools like scons, cmake, waf, boost build, raft, rebar, rake
> and more. I have often heard it reported that working with these is worse
> than simply using makefiles, it certainly requires extra dependencies.
> The reason people want these build systems despite the suckless approach
> working so well is they want to be filled in automatically (based
> on which libraries are available on the system and similar).
> Here's how a suckless configure tool could subsume all the GNU autotools
> stuff in a fraction of the code without giving any control over build
> configuration up:
> There would be a single tool 'slconfigure' which is able to parse a standard
> format for files. It will parse these in to know what can be
> configured then it will process the command lines args to allow
> customization, it can automatically detect which libraries are needed based
> on the options inside and then it will overwrite the
> file.
> So to build a project you go slconfigure ; make ; make install. If you
> wanted to edit the file manually (like we have been doing) you
> would simply not invoke (maybe not even install slconfigure) just run make.
> All the old GNU software could be patched to use this new build system
> format and the autoreconf stuff deleted.


If dynamic configure options are really needed just name the script

Often it is not needed and an example Makefile can be copied to your project
and modified a little.

Also the use of #ifdefs should be considered carefully.

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