Re: [dev] Opinions on GNU stow

From: Kamil Cholewiński <>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 09:48:07 +0200

On Thu, 31 Aug 2017, Matthew Parnell <> wrote:
> I do use GNU Stow myself; however, only as a tool to provide a nice
> wrapper to link my dotfiles from a git repo to where they ought to be.

Same here. I haven't found any less-silly solution to date. Dropping the
Perl dependency would be nice, but Debian & OpenBSD already make it very
difficult to not have it.

> In fact, I was thinking of writing a GNU Stow drop in replacement in
> Suckless-style C when I find some time (GNU Stow is written in Perl, I
> believe).

Interested! The interface is pretty simple in fact. Drop all of the --
flags because they look quite useless. Supporting -dtSDRnvVh seems
reasonable and would probably give you 99% compatibility with everything
out there.

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