Re: [dev] Privilege escalation on remote hosts. MANY remote hosts.

From: Lucas Gabriel Vuotto <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 01:06:39 -0300

You forgot to shit about vulkan in your rampage. (/s)

Maybe you could be helpful and provide an idea for the problem Kamil is asking, instead of ranting about not using C.

I still remember the words of arg, FRIGN & co after slcon4 stating that they'll start moderating the community. All I've seen about Sylvain in the last 6 months is nothing more than useless rant about C++.

On 09/22/17 20:51, wrote:
> This topic was discussed earlier: no, go is not worth it. It's really a bad
> compromise against simple and explicit C. Wrong again: simple and explicit C is
> enough for high-level-applications, even for the web (noscript of course).
> Don't recall if go has mandatory/default garbage collecting runtime.
> It's a worthless dependency of a high technical cost.
> It has nothing to do on suckless.
> ----
> But for _not suckless_ project, I would prefer a javascript interpreter coded
> with rust, which is much much more adapted to answer the issues raised by the
> thread starting questions (better security).
> Additionaly, I was told, personally did not check, that the generic algorithms
> from the c++ boost library applied to the later string classes and templates
> are so much well balanced than go string handling (and rust handling too),
> really do check this.
> But what seems trendy, is to write code generators in python2 (not 3 since it's
> less good than its previous version) and perl5 (important to have both) which
> fit closely the client requirements.
> Or the ultimate, just above the previous "super adequate" code generators for
> all the reasons of the world : you write a llvm front-end for an homebrew
> language 100% designed for the client requirements.
> ----
> What is amazing, is that the mailing list is still the target of people 100%
> missing the point of suckless.
> It does look too much like a troll, won't add more.
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