Re: [dev] Privilege escalation on remote hosts. MANY remote hosts.

From: Markus Wichmann <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 20:04:48 +0200

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 11:08:23PM -0400, Rendov Norra wrote:
> The archive shows silence and positivity on threads with go in the subject. Unfortunately gmane is unusable, so there's no way to search bodies.

I guess everyone here is just too jaded to respond to those threads
anymore. Anytime someone posts something that is not in C, the core
posters in this ML get their panties in a twist and demand a rewrite.
Going so far as to call C++ an insidious infection that is slowly
spreading. Oh, the horror! Other people make different choices than you.
Imagine that! Especially if they have other priorities than you.

These threads always converge after finitely many steps to a discussion
about programming languages, which are as useful as discussions about
religion, and just as toxic. So these days, whenever someone comments on
programming languages, I just up the strategic popcorn reserves and
await the show.


P.S.: My stance is that whatever language gets the job done and works
for the developers involved is best, and don't let people from outside
the project convince you otherwise. I just noticed that all the
languages I learned except C don't get the job done for me.
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