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From: Michael Forney <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:56:27 -0700

On 2018-03-13, Laslo Hunhold <> wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:44:08 -0600
> Gavin Howard <> wrote:
>> About GNU extensions: this was originally implemented for toybox
>> (, and the maintainer specifically asked
>> that my bc be able to run
>> which has basically every GNU extension. Thus, my bc will probably not
>> fit the suckless philosophy because the GNU extensions need to stay.
>> Thanks, though.
> Toybox is a one-man operation and it shows in the code. I'd rather
> recommend busybox to anyone, and I hate busybox!
> You as a developer need to decide how you want to write your code. It's
> a mistery to me why you presented it here when you are not planning to
> even remove some of the insane GNU-extensions.

I know next to nothing about bc and what GNU extensions are used by
timeconst.bc, but being able to build a linux kernel sounds like a
good goal to me. However, if timeconst.bc can be changed to use only
portable features of bc (in a way that is acceptable to upstream), I
think that would be better than implementing the GNU extensions.

Currently sbase (and GNU make/bc) is almost sufficient for building
linux, except for
- Usage `-n` flag in ln(1), which I think we should add.
- Usage of `\t` in sed bracket expressions. I sent a patch and it was
accepted, so this should be fixed in a future linux version (maybe
- Usage of `stat -c "%s"` to determine file size. I sent a patch to
use `ls -dn`, but still need to respond to some comments.
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