Re: [dev] [surf] unreliable loading of multiple requests over tor

From: Nick <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:22:12 +0000

Thanks for getting back to me, Quentin.

Quoth Quentin Rameau:
> Sadly, the webkit process is managing connexions, surf itself doesn't.

Yeah, I thought that, it may be tricky to debug. This has persisted
across the many versions of webkit2 I've used (compiling from
source). I'm pretty sure it also happened with webkit1, but I
haven't used that for ages.

> > This never happens when using Tor Browser, though that uses its own
> > Tor process.
> AFAIK, Tor Browser is Firefox.

That's correct, so not a particularly useful datapoint.

> > I don't find connection problems using Tor+Privoxy with other tools
> > like youtube-dl or wget, but then there aren't so many simultaneous
> > requests.
> Could you try with other webkitgtk-based broswers (like midori,
> epiphany) to see if you get the same issue?

I just tried with uzbl (after working around a page load bug - it's not very maintained
these days, by the looks of it). It has exactly the same issue,

I also had a binary of Google Chrome lying around, which did work
fine with the proxy. But obviously that isn't going to be using
regular webkit2.

Just in case, I modified my config.h to turn on everything in
defconfig, and the issue remained. I'll have a look in the webkit
tracker, and see what I can find...

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