Re: [dev] using vis (libtermkey) and netbsd-curses (was: oasis: small linux system inspired by stali)

From: Leonardo Taccari <>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 13:15:36 +0100

Hello Daniel,

Daniel Cegiełka writes:
> [...]
> vis works fine, however, there is a problem when I use ':!' or ':e *'.
> I think that the terminal settings are not restored. Does anyone have
> an idea here how it can be solved?
> [...]

At least on NetBSD-current vis-0.5 seems working fine (it is packaged
in pkgsrc as vis-editor). I have also tried to skim for possible
pkgsrc patches on dependencies but I think that there is not anything
relevant for curses(3).

I have also tried to the `:!' and `:e *' and they seem working (
`:!', e.g. `:!dmesg', unlike at least NetBSD vi(1) (and more
generally probably nvi) it seems to not wait for a key to be pressed so
the dmesg message is then "cleared"; `:e *' opens vis-editor-menu with
the list of the current files).

Can you please elaborate further what happens?

Thank you!
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