Re: [dev] using vis (libtermkey) and netbsd-curses (was: oasis: small linux system inspired by stali)

From: Daniel Cegiełka <>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 23:41:33 +0100

sob., 24 lis 2018 o 20:23 Michael Forney <> napisał(a):
> Hi Daniel,
> On 2018-11-24, Daniel Cegiełka <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >

> When I looked into this, I went with a slightly different approach.
> Instead of copying from ncurses, I generated the arrays from term.h
> and an awk script.

Hi Michael,

Thx :) It was a quick solution :)

> > vis works fine, however, there is a problem when I use ':!' or ':e *'.
> > I think that the terminal settings are not restored. Does anyone have
> > an idea here how it can be solved?
> I can confirm the issue here. No idea about how to solve it though.

Ok, so it looks like we can probably have a bigger problem with that.
Maybe let's try to determine where this error may be generated. We
have three places to consider: vis, libtermkey and netbsd-curses.


In my opinion, this may be about (missing?) calling to (def_+)
reset_prog_mode() or (def_+) reset_shell_mode()

In the next step, we can ask Marc André Tanner for some help.

btw. netbsd curses support ~510 color pairs :)

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