Re: [dev] Make cleanup

From: fao_ <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2019 16:37:39 +0000

On 2018-12-30 9:27 pm, stephen Turner wrote:
> I was thinking of a cleaner gnu make. The code you guys have written
> while I am having a hard time reading it, has inspired me to attempt
> once more to learn C.

mk(1) is nice and I use it for a lot of my personal projects.
It's essentially the same as make but a damn sight smaller and alters
some variable names so that they are readable.

It's part of the plan9port utils, see:

There's a Go rewrite here with some fixes. I haven't used it but those
fixes look reasonably worthwhile.

> Anyways, I’m looking for a gnu replacement to aid in installing those
> bloated apps we don’t have an alternative for or decide to continue to
> use anyways. Also need it for the kernel.

You mean something like pkgsrc?

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