Re: [dev] Yet another C compiler

From: Michael Forney <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 23:12:04 -0700

On 2019-05-20, <> wrote:
> Sadly, gcc-4.7 does not have an aarch64 backend and it's a pain to
> configure
> without breaking anything.

I wonder what the state of ARM/aarch64-4.7-branch is:

It doesn't look like this branch is exported in the git mirror, but
maybe if I can figure out git-svn, I can merge it into my branch.

> Last time I tried to bootstrap, gcc 8 was not compiling with gcc 4.7 on
> x86_64,
> did you test it with gcc 9?

Yes, I tested building gcc-9.1 with gcc-4.7.4 built by my compiler. I
have not tried gcc-8.

> What you say is good news, I may be able to add again a "gnu C" bootstrap to
> my
> custom distro (may burn some sh scripts to kill the GNU autotools in gcc
> 4.7
> then).

At least gcc tracks the autotools-generated files in the repository,
so you don't actually need them installed to build.

> You can replace inline asm:
> - machine code from an independant assembler, for big asm chunks.
> - with many extension keywords ("intrinsics"). A good idea is to make
> addition of a keyword with their "machine code conversion" kind of
> pluggable: I know it would have many limitations (llvm is literally
> brain diarhea on this) but it can circumvent many inline asm snippets
> this way. linux would be the primary target for this.
> - to a certain extend, you could patch the target source code if
> its authors are fine with it, (asm->plain and simple C, or
> C11->simpler C).

The issue is for lower level code that can't be written in C, for
example making system calls. I don't think inline asm will be too
difficult to implement in QBE. For the most part I think it can be
treated similarly to a function call, but with a special calling

> I really need to check Quentin's QBE again.

Yes, it has improved a lot in the past few months.

> What you do is great work, keep going while real life let you.

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