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Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 22:18:11 +0000

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If you code your own toolkit, you can decide to handle only a few "unicode
scripts". You may add a few limitations on top, and it can become way simpler
to code. This is what I did with the drop-in replacement of harfbuzz: only
basic left-to-right roman unicode scripts with pre-combined unicode code
points. But it was ages ago, quite naive, and I could bet that the C API did
change and broke my implementation (I used tinycc as a reference compiler :) ).

If I recall properly, the EFL did give the possibility to choose between a basic
roman script engine or harfbuzz. GTK+ is hard dependent on harfbuzz though.

freetype does not hard depend on harfbuzz, it's optional (I run such a freetype

I would recommend you to read on unicode grapheme cluster (the unicode "unit")
and some "nasty" scripts like arabic/korean/thai to give you an idea on how far
it can go and expect worse if you want to go global support.

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