Re: [dev] Scrollback utility for use with st

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 10:40:32 +0200

On Mon, 06 Apr 2020 08:48:38 +0200
"Silvan Jegen" <> wrote:

Dear Silvan,

> I honestly never use tmux either. If I think I may need the output of
> a program, I just redirect it to a file/editor/pager.

yeah, same here. But how often do you get some output and think "oh, I
actually needed that" and just re-run it? It works for 99% of the
cases, but in this 1% it takes a bit of work to "reset" an environment
for a second run. In both cases, you needlessly lose time.

> I have been using st all this time even with those issues that I also
> think are annoying. The workaround for the first one is to just
> redirect output but I never found a workaround for the second issue.
> I always have to remember to not resize the st window (or rather,
> rearrange it in dwm) when I may still need the output.

This is exactly the anti-pattern I pointed out. Given windows are not
kept at fixed sizes in a tiling wm, st _especially_ needs to satisfy
that it is not "affected" by resizes.

> Issue 2) I would be glad to have fixed. If a patch to fix both issues
> would only cost us 50-80 LOC, I feel it may be worth it. I am quite
> sure there will be differing opinions on this...

Yes, I would love to hear from you all what your opinion on this matter

With best regards

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