Re: [dev] Scrollback utility for use with st

From: Hadrien Lacour <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 15:30:14 +0200

On Mon, Apr 06, 2020 at 01:38:09PM +0200, Laslo Hunhold wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Apr 2020 13:27:21 +0200
> Laslo Hunhold <> wrote:
> > I'm definitely not an expert in terminal emulators (Roberto, Hiltjo
> > and Christoph are), but the case is pretty clear to me when I look at
> > scroll[0], which Jan and Jochen are working on right now.
> > If you look at scroll.c, you can see that the tool deals pretty
> > intensely with escape codes.
> And just to add to this thought: Sure, scroll does not reimplement an
> entire terminal emulator, but still, what I meant is that they have to
> substantially reimplement many of the functions a terminal emulator
> has. Added to this, scroll does not yet solve the cutting off of lines
> on resize. For this, it needs to detect a terminal-resize and redraw
> the screen, adding more to complexity.
> We are already at 300+ LOC with scroll, and even if the changes in st
> are not merely 50-80 LOC to address the two problems I mentioned
> earlier, they sure will be below 300 LOC.
> With best regards
> Laslo

As you said, the coupling may be too tight to benefit from a separate
Personally, I already use the scrollback patch, because some possibly
interactive applications like emerge don't like it when stdout isn't a tty.
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