[dev] ANN: surfsticker

From: Lars Lehtonen <lars_AT_larslehtonen.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 17:18:02 -0700

Hello, list.

I had a goal, which was to use surf as a dedicated browser that lives on
the same desktop as my terminal emulator in which I vim. I wanted to
have this dedicated browser as a spot to browse godoc on-demand as a
result of triggering go-doc-browser in vim-go.

I wanted to be sure that subsequent executions of go-doc-browser all
opened in the same window. I wanted to be able to override css so as to
mellow the blinding-white appearance of godoc.

Surf looked like a good fit. Reading the docs and poking around with
xprop I came to a solution.

Thanks to Andrew Gallant for his work to communicate with X without
using a lick of CGO. <https://github.com/BurntSushi/xgbutil>.

This is the official announcement of surfsticker, a wrapper utility for
starting instances of surf that are "stuck" to an identifier chosen on

For example, if I "surfsticker -sticker foo https://foo.example.com", I
will create a single surf window. If I "surfsticker -sticker bar
https://bar.example.com", I will open a second surf window. If I then
"surfsticker -sticker foo https://baz.example.com" no third window will
be opened. The original window that was displaying "foo.example.com"
will change to displaying "baz.example.com". "bar.example.com" would be

Find surfsticker at <https://github.com/alrs/surfsticker>.

Lars Lehtonen
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