[dev] dwm: mod key improvement

From: Greg Reagle <greg.reagle_AT_umbc.edu>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 18:57:25 -0400

From the time I started using dwm (many months or years ago--my long term sense of time is very inaccurate and imprecise) until today, I have been using it with:
    #define MODKEY Mod4Mask

Today I had the brilliant idea to instead use:
  #define MODKEY Mod5Mask
To make this work, I remapped a key in ~/.xmodmaprc thusly:
    keycode 110 = ISO_Level3_Shift

So that's the background, the point is now I have a whole new modifier key (i.e. Mod4 aka Super aka Windows-flag) available to all my applications. Any ideas on how to utilize this newfound opportunity? Are there any applications that use Super/Mod4?

By the way, I don't use the dwm default of
    #define MODKEY Mod1Mask
because I want all Alt key combinations to be available to applications.
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