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From: Sagar Acharya <>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 20:24:35 +0200 (CEST)

>interesting article!

>I think, the user's turn to try to understand them to the fullest, even
if it means learning a bit of a programming language. - Laslo
Majority of users in this world would never learn a low level programming language like C. They are incapable.

> The solution in the case of a simple program is exact and textual, easily transmitted in digital form or pronounced, compared to the difficulty of having to describe where exactly, and how to click in a GUI. -
It doesn't need to be complex. Few things make enormous impact like choosing good font, size of bars, color, connecting icons with programs, good battery and datetime displays. A simple 1 line script can run in the background. One would just take few important elements of User experience and add them here. I'm just talking wrt dwm here but I mean this at all levels. Few important UI elements should be taken care of.

>Security isn't the main point of suckless, it's only a consequence of clean and simple code. - Hadrien
I guess this is where I diverge, user centric things always work better and have more power. One can always add a few more simple things, keeping minimalism of suckless intact. One can create dwmd (dwm for dumb) with few more features.

>The main point is to empower people, but not through the spoon-feeding and shoestring-tying the FSF likes so much, but by helping those who help themselves. That's how you get actual "computer freedom", by being able to program and fullfill more and more of your needs/wants. suckless programs are made to fit this mindset: simple enough to be modified and built around the UNIX philosophy of use with other simple programs. - Hadrien
Majority of the people in this world are never going to bother with creating their own code. I have studied Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi. There, Computer Science guys are insane geniuses. They don't bother to set their system up. Very few do. Most use dual boot Ubuntu and Windows. Now that I have completed my Bachelor degree, I do not know a single person in my surroundings who uses GNU/Linux or BSD OSes. Using wm on this is way off! How would someone with no basic logical skills would do this? They won't.

>I agree with Sagar - Edward

Thanking you
Sagar Acharya
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