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From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 23:44:26 +0000

2021-04-09 18:24 GMT, Sagar Acharya <>:
> It doesn't need to be complex. Few things make enormous impact like choosing
> good font, size of bars, color, connecting icons with programs, good battery
> and datetime displays. A simple 1 line script can run in the background. One
> would just take few important elements of User experience and add them here.
> I'm just talking wrt dwm here but I mean this at all levels. Few important
> UI elements should be taken care of.

dwm is just a window manager.

> I guess this is where I diverge, user centric things always work better and
> have more power.

Users come in many shapes and sizes, for example "hackers",
"programmers", and "clients". Nobody who at least a bit care for
his/her mental hygiene should start coding anything to build a project
aimed for the general public or "to succeed" in some software arms
race, bringing his/her software to fit any present or future use-case.
I think that wouldn't be a good idea even in exchange for a really
bountiful paycheck.
It's because you end with dealing with power dynamics between people,
concede, fight, persuade, befriend, you may still bring out of this
diplomacy game the perfect software, but most of those who partake end
up poisoned, producing worse software and/or disliking more and more
the production of software.

> One can always add a few more simple things, keeping
> minimalism of suckless intact. One can create dwmd (dwm for dumb) with few
> more features.

A lot of people had a take for a user-friendlier dwm, you should try
those, or similar wms with "battery pack included" like i3 or awesome.
After that, if "the market" hasn't anything for you, fire up the
editor and hack on dwm.
Don't take this as a "go away": what i'm suggesting for you is to
understand that this graphical interface is twenty-something years old
(counting wmii), so it would be really hard to come up with a really
novel and miraculous concept upon dwm.

> Majority of the people in this world are never going to bother with creating
> their own code. I have studied Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi. There,
> Computer Science guys are insane geniuses. They don't bother to set their
> system up. Very few do. Most use dual boot Ubuntu and Windows. Now that I
> have completed my Bachelor degree, I do not know a single person in my
> surroundings who uses GNU/Linux or BSD OSes. Using wm on this is way off!
> How would someone with no basic logical skills would do this? They won't.

That's what windows, mac os, or a FLOSS OS with
GNOME/Enlightenment/Elementary are for. Conquer any heart in this
world for dwm + shell scripts is of no use.
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