[dev] st and sixel

From: S. R. Gal <Swiatoslaw.Gal_AT_math.uni.wroc.pl>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 14:48:21 +0200

Dear Coders,

does anyone succeeded with good sixel implementation in st?
There are few forks, and they all seem to use the same patch.
I managed to apply
on vanilla st, and I can display images, but it fails on less
trivial tasks (as sixel preview in vifm). My minimal nonexample
is the following:

in .vifm/vifmrc I replace

fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm
         \ identify %f

fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm
         \ sixel-preview.sh %c %pw %pd

where sixel-preview.sh is
exec img2sixel --width=$(($2*7)) --height=auto "$1"

and it makes some mess. Alas, if i run xterm -ti vt340
in place of st, everything works as expected.

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