[dev] [dwm] dwm breaks on synchronized screens

From: Thomas Oltmann <thomas.oltmann.hhg_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 19:34:08 +0100

Hi everybody,

I've been contently using dwm for years without problems. But now that
I have to do regular beamer presentations, dwm just sort of falls

Since I need to be able to see my own presentation as I talk I've
configured XRandR to 'mirror' the screen (which means to always
display the same picture on both screens).

As soon as I do that, dwm starts to break.
Open windows don't show up in the tags at the top, some windows just
go missing entirely, or get shoved beneath other windows (in tiling
mode), etc.

I suspect that sort of behaviour isn't intended
(Though it might be and I'm just using it wrong).
Of course, dwm works perfectly fine when I
tell XRandR to manage the screens independently. I just can't work that way.

(Simply using presentation software that naturally outputs to both
screens is also out of the question since I often need to show
text editors, pdf viewers, terminals etc.)

What do I do about this?
Is it even a bug or just me using dwm for stuff it's not intended to do?
One way or another, how can I do my presentations without fighting the
WM all the time?

          Thomas Oltmann
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