[dev][sic][question] Sic trough torsocks?

From: <fossy_AT_dnmx.org>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2022 16:09:27 -0400

Hello there.

I got a question related to sic/torsocks.
According to the README of torsocks, it operates only trough libc, meaning
any connection that happens trough syscalls directly - will not be

I am kinda confused here.. I see that Hiltjo, one of developers of sic is
still active on the mailing list, perhaps you could help me out here?

I am like really in-need of some communication with folks that are alike
me.. and I am just sick and tired of bloated, buggy and ultra-slow
software written in 10 shitty programming languages.

TL;DR: I wanna start using IRC.

P.S. Yes, I seriously want to use the Tor network as a proxy, because I
believe that lives of me and my family indeed do depend on this.

Have a very nice day! <3
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