Re: [dev] report tls issue

From: Delete <>
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2023 14:34:35 +0000

On April 9, 2023 11:47:33 AM UTC, Quentin Rameau <> wrote:
>Hi PFX,
>> I am using the wrong words "not properly configured", what I mean is,
>> since supported tls connection before, but right now
>> downgraded to non tls, is this deliberately to be doing
>> so?
>Thanks for the info!
>> they are not enforcing tls, since supported tls before,
>> according to their log, last time has tls on
>> 2023-02-06, so they use the cache for the following email delivery, but
>> out of a sudden, downgrade to non tls, so email failed to
>> deliver.
>> so my question is downgrade from tls to non-tls on is a
>> deliberated step?
>No, MX configuration hasn't changed since last April (2022).
>Also, you can test yourself to see that smtps and starttls are supported.
>( can help for example,
>if you don't trust your own setup)
>I suspect the problem is different, maybe rather a configuration change
>on your mail provider in february?
>In any case, that's not a refusal for help, don't hesitate to pass
>further information on if you find something new on either side!

Hello from
My server enforces 's' protocols on all coms, I specify that in all configs of everything. My mail is getting through okay (unless I forget to update my certs).

This doesn't seem like suckless issue.
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