Re: [dwm] keybinds: multimedia keys and no MODKEY

From: mikshaw <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 08:40:28 -0400

Thank you.

> NULL and False are both wrong, use 0 instead (the modmask is
> a long).

>From Sander van Dijk, (17/08/06 12:28):
> Yes, because False gets converted to 0 if you stuff it in an unsigned
> long (which is what the modifier mask is). Same goes for NULL (except
> you get a warning there). NULL and False will both work, there just
> conceptually wrong. The modifier mask is an unsigned long, and
> therefore you should put a valid unsigned long value in it, not a
> pointer or a Bool. Just because something works does not mean it's
> right :-)
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