Re: [dwm] My first impressions

From: Frank Boehme <>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 13:25:13 +0100

> Ross Mohn wrote:

> Attached is my personal patch set for the dwm-0.8 source code.
> * togglemax (MODKEY-m) works differently. Instead applying to a single
> client and only while that client has focus, it applies to all clients within
> the current tag view and remains in effect until you toggle it off.

Seems sensible to me. I agree.

> * togglemode (MODKEY-space) works differently. Instead of applying to
> every client on every tag of the wm, it applies only to the currently
> focused client.

That makes even more sense to me. Currently, there is offically no
conceptual distinction between managed and floating layer. However,
pop-ups, fixed size windows and window classes which are forced floating
per config.h are exceptions that undermine this principle.

That said, I want to join in the choir of approval. I had stopped
following wmii development because of workload, hols etc. Now I came
back and noticed that there is now dwm as well. I checked it out and was
up and running 10 minutes later with my personal configuration compiled
in. No lengthy docs, config files, complex remote control and what not.
Bravo! For years I had been a convinced larswm user and I now find dwm
superior to it because it has all the good features of larswm plus the
tag/view concept and mouse control where it should be.

best wishes,


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