Re: [dwm] how to detect activity in non-visible tags

From: Julian Romero <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 21:52:10 +0200

> Well, if your status refresh is not to fast, you could patch the
> dwm source in client.c:manage(), at the end you could add:
> else {
> strcpy(stext, "new client in invisible tag");
> drawstatus();
> }
> Then you'd see that message in the status bar until the next
> write operation on stdin occures... if a client shows up which
> isn't visible.

Finally I'm using stdout to get the required information from dwm
(invisible windows being managed) See attached patch.

This is a simplified version of my startup script:
    sleep XX
    if [ -f $STATUS ]
       cat $STATUS
done | ./dwm | while read LINE
    echo dwm: $LINE
    # do something with line
    # like writing it to $STATUS
    # or writing down current date to sumup total work time...


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