Re: [dwm] Bottom Stack Patch for dwm-2.4

From: Frank Boehme <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:30:09 +0000

Ross Mohn wrote:
> The Bottom Stack Patch for dwm-2.4 is now available in taggi.

Excellent stuff. Thanks.

> I've
> removed my convenience binding of viewall() to mouse Button2; the lower
> right corner tag label dots make the viewall() function unnecessary for
> me now.

I still use viewall() - exactly once per wm session, to be precise.
Here is why: Just before I exit dwm, I happen to close all running
X-applications by hand. There might be programs with unsaved data (like
editors), filesystems which should be unmounted manually, open fifos,...
whatever. Some programs just don't behave very well when they receive
temination signals. To close everything quickly, I do viewall() and
select all those exit buttons or shortcuts one after the other without
having to change view.

So viewall() is of some help for me, despite the fact that there are now
those new indicators.


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