[dwm] status-line/notification colouring

From: Karl. <kmw1_AT_free.net.nz>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 08:35:25 +1300

I find the status area very useful - I've got a lua script feeding dwm
stdin via fifo and showing me a handy summary [1] of the things I often
want to know [2]. Sometimes there are things I really want to be
reminded of, but which don't deserve a whole window of their own.

What I'd like for this is the option to have part of the status area
coloured (in red, for example). A sufficient solution for me would be
if the stdin text was split based upon some defined separator character
(eg. '^') - everything before the ^ (or if there is no ^) gets displayed
normally, everything after the ^ gets the red highlight.

This sounds simple enough to me that I could code it myself if no-one
else is keen, but useful enough for highlighting occasional/important


[1] - I used to use conky, but it was way too resource-hungry for a
simple textual display, and it didn't offer the options I wanted. My
current display shows like this: "u7 r16 s0 n0/0 1 Fri 8:25"
where u=cpu usage, r=ram usage, s=swap usage, n=network bitrates.
If I have any flash drives mounted then I see something like this:
"u3 r16 s0 n0/0 1 Fri 8:26 uf3" where uf3 is the name of the drive - I
like to be reminded of these mounts so that I don't accidentally pull
out a mounted drive. I only mount removable drives for as long as I
need to and then unmount them straight away, so I'd like that section to
be in red.

[2] - I should probably disable the ram display when it's less than,
say, 75%, and the swap when it's less than 1% - those are normal
situations and it's just not useful to know about.

If anyone wants the lua script, send me an email.
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