Re: [dwm] dmenu request

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 23:44:47 +0100

Tako rzecze Bill Puschmann (w e-mailu datowanym 2006-11-30, 15:34):

> Perhaps some sort of shell magic to get all pipes correct? I'm just not
> sure.

OK, here goes my solution, rather similar to the other ones, but you may
or may not like it more (script attached).

I run the script without arguments first thing in my .xinitrc (or XDM
session file): &

And I run it with the --launch argument from a shortcut in dwm:

{ MODKEY, XK_p, spawn, { .cmd = "exec --launch" } }

That way, if there's no proglist, it get's generated, if there's one it
just uses it.

You may also like to have the list updated via cron, or manually, or
after installing/deinstalling software, whatever.

Hope this is useful.


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