Re: [dwm] uriel sez the default config is retarded

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 06:19:22 +0000 (GMT)

|So out of curiosity, I ask, who uses the default config? And if |not, what changes do you make (you can diff the default config |to mine, I use dmenu and some different shortcuts). The two major differences I have is using the function keys for the tag shortcuts rather than the number keys. (I know this would suck on those laptops where fn keys are smaller than regular keys) and rebinding WmKey-Space from the toggle float functionality to something I use more frequently (for me it's relative tag view movement). However, since we're talking about configuration, one thing that's really annoying is the way the keybindings are one big macro, because it makes the error message you get when you make a mistake (eg, omit a comma, etc) absolutely uselessly vague. I've learned when altering config.h to gcc -E it, cut the relevant section out and try and compile that first. It's not as is altering the config is everyday stuff, but when you've got 20 tags * 4 different commands using them + all the other commands you can end up with a very long macro to get right. cheers, dave tweed. ___________________________________________________________ New Yahoo! Mail is the ultimate force in competitive emailing. Find out more at the Yahoo! Mail Championships. Plus: play games and win prizes.*
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