[dwm] tagging vs stereo

From: Anselm R. Garbe <arg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 11:05:01 +0100

Tonight I couldn't sleep very well and thought about
functionality in dwm which I don't use extensively. But I don't
plan that those ideas will be implemented in dwm, but maybe in a
different tool, being evaluated.

I'm pretty happy with dwm, esp. with the tiling mode, but I
noticed that I rarely use the mode toggling itself. Actually I
think the mode stuff seems rather unnecessary, because it's easy
to patch config.h for those apps who should be floating (there
are justifications for it, once you add more arrangement
algorithms like the dogrid patch however).

I also notice that I rarely use the tagging capabilities dwm
provides, and that I more and more stick to two views only (one with
web stuff, and another one with terminals). So I developed a
window organization approach tonight, which I call 'stereo',
because it consists of two kinds of windows - currently viewed
ones, and not-viewed ones.

In contrast to tagging this stereo concept works on two sets of
windows as described in the following:

- new clients appear in the current view
- one can detach a viewed window
- one can re-attach a detached window
- one can invert the view to display the currently detached

Hence, one can easily get rid of all unnecessary windows, but
one can also easily switch between two kinds of working sets.

For my personal working environment, this could fully replace
the tagging approach.

I'm not sure yet if I'm really going to evaluate this, but if
so, I plan a little brother of dwm, which is called stereowm, it
will drop several parts of dwm:

- the status bar will go away, instead I plan a third tool
  called sbar, which provides a status area (like current dwm
  bar), but similiar to dmenu, hence it reads from stdin and
  prints the input on the bar, nothing else.
- the modes will go away, the tiling capabilities will last
- the tagrules will go away, instead a char ** array can be
  defined to contain regexp's for all class:instance:title
  combinations which should be floating on creation time
- instead of tagging, this stereowm will work as I described

Such wm could be easily implemented on top of the dwm codebase
in my eyes.

I'm rather curios what others think about this concept.


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