Re: [dwm] konqueror and temporary file transfer window

From: Oliver Heins <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 23:06:22 +0100

"Anselm R. Garbe" <> writes:

>> So this is a bug of konqueror? Should I commit a bug report then?
> Not really, developers are free to set such hints. And the
> Gnome/KDE front is quite pro-EWMH. If they need yet another
> hint, they have a good connection to to simply
> release the next version of the EWMH spec which contains such
> another hint (which is only supported by their bleeding edge
> windows vista clone environments ;)) - and actually those
> kwin/metacity/... developers are more familiar with Windows/OS X
> than anything else, hence they don't care much about ICCCM
> (except what's supported out of the box by Qt or GTK).

Yep, it's annoying to see all this new 3D Desktop Environments evolve.
They don't seem to get it that they just run after an already fizzled
paradigm. The desktop metaphor sucks. Have you heard about the »BumpTop
Desktop«? They put a video on Youtube: A good commentary is this,

»Hey, since about ten years nearly all development on graphic cards is
spent to the 3d-part, and none to the 2d-part.« They paid for it, so
they demand the 3d desktop. WYGIWYD[1], moron!

> So, don't expect they will be happy if you ask for setting the
> TRANSIENT_FOR hint, I would bet, they even dunno about this old
> stylish approaches ;)

Oddly enough, the rest of the kde/konqueror related popup dialogues seem
to work for me quite well.

So let's see. I reported it:

>> Btw, after your 2wm approach I watched my using of dwm, and I must say
>> that I use at least three tags all the time: editor, web and pdf-viewer.
>> And I do make use of tagging. Not very often, but occasionally I tag a
>> window to two ore more views.
> Same with me. And once again: 2wm is dead dead dead!

That's good to hear. After reading your announcement, I first thought
if it was already april fools day :-)


[1] What You Get Is What You Deserve.

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